Mallika Sherawat Now In Relationship With Cyrille Auxenfans

Cyrille Auxenfans and famous Indian Actress Mallika Sherawat now in relationship. Cyrille is a Paris-based real estate businessman. Mallika says that being in love is the best in the world. He is a French real estate businessman and according to reports, Bollywood actress Mallika is dating her, now a day. On Valentine’s Day last month, He had felt Mallika as a princess, in which she was raining with a luxury car with a gift in which she was zipping around. He was denying his love affair. She has now announced through social media that she is feeling affectionate and feeling at the top of the world. He also shared his picture with her French boyfriend. She is also considered as a sex symbol in Bollywood.

She has also made a way for Hollywood and has acted in the movie Hints and Politics of Love. Recently he is busy for Daniel Lee in Hong Kong, the film ‘The Last Tomb in China’. She has been nominated for French cooking classes and has taken up the food for Cyrille.

She said that “I am proud of him and will soon get him to Mumbai. He has shown Paris to me and has romanced me the French style, now I will romance him the Indian style! I will take him to the Taj Mahal, and make him have street food.. You know the typical Indian flavor, that’s what I want to do.” She has married before with Delhi-based Jet Airways pilot captain Karan Singh Gill but now she has divorced from him.

First time Mallika Sherawat Bollywood star and international modal has met with her French boyfriend which is real-estate business tycoon in Paris France through as a common friend and sparks flew. The actress, seen in director Lee Lee’s The Lost Tomb, is said to be madly in love. Mallika is gifted by Auxenfans to a high-end car who treat her like a queen. 41-year-old actress has filled her Twitter account with photos, in which she appears to express love for her French lover. The pictures show that the two are crazy in love with each other and are happy together.

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